Plyometrics- dedicated to Pam Bright- the woman who taught me to not shoot short, and it is never too late.
I mentioned I started messing with Plyometrics yesterday, sort of a bucket list thing… I have been afraid, all of that fear in my head, of being too spastic to accomplish these things…

The good news is I loved plyometrics- it is hard, headrush sort of hard, and there are endless items to tackle- in the gym, at my house, outside. In fact, I might be addicted, I can’t seem to get enough, and…… now I have one more item to research.

Here is yesterdays list:

Plyobox jumping, as I increased the levels
180 degree squat jumps holding medicine ball
back lunge jumps with knee ups holding medicine ball
Squat jumps with TRX
Low jump squats with low jump ins
pushup, to a roll back, roll back up and jump- I am sure there is some name for this (which also took the longest for me to trust)
And I did try one of videos that I repost- it was wonderful fitness wise, but required a ton of thought, making it not quite as fun as I would like..
Plyometrics seems to come from the heart, from a knowing that you just CAN and WILL take it on….
The next day:
II was feeling it again , so after a grueling leg work, thought I would give it one more try.
That being said, as I stated above I could now have a plyometric addiction problem. I have found one more thing I love about fitness. I feel strong and lovely jumping on top of those boxes…. The older men at the gym watch me.. I must be a sight-my 45 year old self, jumping, grunting, jumping back off, sometimes gracefully, sometimes not at all! The young trainer at the gym told me today I was killing it- I will take that.
I share this, because it seems it is really never too late to give it a whirl- whatever it is you want to do- at whatever time. I dedicate this post to my oldest daughter’s grandmother Pam Bright- who always inspired all of us to not let age stop us from doing what we need to do! She has been an inspiration to me at every stage of my life, cheers!!

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